Massive 5G Killer to Deliver FREE Internet?

Why Lightning Fast Internet Could Soon Cost Next To NOTHING

The average American household pays upwards of $130 per month for Internet access.

That works out to $1,560 per year just to stay connected to the rest of the world.

And much of the time the service isn’t even that good!

According the FCC’s most recent Internet Access Services Report, roughly 30% of all Internet users in the U.S. have connection speeds below 25 Mbps.

That’s terribly slow.

To put it in perspective, average speeds below 25 Mbps haven’t been the norm since the early 2000s.

That means right now, over 33.5 million Americans are plagued by Internet speeds that are almost 20 years old! (Click here to learn about some brave folks who attacking this issue head on.)

But here’s the worst part…

Internet service providers still charge customers extremely high prices for that same terrible service.

And most Americans either don’t know this, or can’t do anything about it.

That’s why a few companies are trying to change the game – by providing lightning-fast internet to anyone who wants it, for pennies on the dollar – possibly even for free.

All while cutting the Big Internet providers out of the equation completely.

And before you guess… This has NOTHING to do with 5G.

In fact, the new tech I’m talking about could be a massive 5G killer as it comes online.

This breakthrough could beam super-fast Internet straight to your home or mobile device – at speeds 10x faster than you’re currently getting…

Bypassing 5G…

And saving you thousands of dollars when it finally comes online.

Sound farfetched? It’s not.

==> Click here to see why.

Editor’s Note: Think about this for a second…

Instead of shelling out over $1,500 to a company you hate – for spotty, unreliable service you can’t stand…

You could get even faster, more reliable Internet than any you’ve experienced…

And your bill would be $0.

That’s exactly what this new development could do for millions of Americans.

But how is this possible?

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